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How To Remove the Feedback side Tab ...... ???

Peter 4 years ago in Other updated 2 years ago 5


How to remove the Feedback side Tab.... ??? Really

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the detail. I'll look into other options for the feedback tab, including your suggestions.

I have also have more feedback I would like you to have a look at including adding more than 6 parameters to the graphs

I used highcharts java script to re-create data downloaded from Zedi to have as many parameters on the graph as I want.

Please Please Look into this first.


Hello Zedi Team,

Please add a close button to the Feedback tab and make it only appears when you login or add it to the top menu in different color

Under review

Hi Peter. I ask that you please clarify what it is about the Feedback tab that is bothering you so we can explore alternative ways to deliver the same value.

I stated alternative options, once you add a button for users to enter a feedback, allow the user to allow close it.
users will always prefer to customise their view for the web page.

so it is simple just add small tiny close button to allow the users to close the small feedback tab to get a bit extra of screen space.

I also stated in my previous comment , that was almost 2 yeaaaaars ago that you can also add the feedback button in the top beside user's name maybe in a different colour if you want...

it is useful when using small screens.