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Improve the Core Not the Look

Peter 4 years ago in Zedi Access updated 2 years ago 3

Please improve the Core Functions like :

1- Adding More than 6 Parameters to the Graphs.

2- Fixed colors per parameter per User ( e.g. I can fix Motor Temp. to a Red Color in all my Graphs)

3- Graph Type select ( e.g. Bars / Pie Chart etc.) easily done from HighCharts.

4- Map is way off and inaccurate ( either remove it or check why you got a totally off GPS locations )

5- the Analytics is really Good tool which need a lot of improvement.

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Zedi Team, Thank you for the reply and here is some more explanation regarding the above points in order

  1. it will be awesome to add flexibility for the day to day user to easily access all well data trends from one window without closing and reopening another window
  2. User can easily distinguish parameters by a fixed color rather than re-checking the legend keys in every graph.
  3. Graph type select with cross tab queries will easily add a realy neat feature regarding some parameters ( e.g. Drive Shutdown Cause , which can tell how many times the drive tripped during the month or the queried period of time )
  4. Since GPS data is gathered through the communication device I always wondered why is it way off when I have devices in Egypt and it show my devices in USA and west of Africa )
  5. Invest in the analysis tool which is really a great addition you offered that soon every one will look to use

Finally I just want to add one more suggestion that really gets on my nerve :) when I’m trying to download data over an extended period of time with multiple parameters It really takes time to adjust/balance the number of parameters and the period of time to be able to download only a part of the data and keep doing this again and again ( some wells data were downloaded over a twenty file then the files were combined manually )

Thanks Zedi Team for the time you took reading this feedback and I really looking forward for this

Under review

Hi Peter, thank you for the feedback. Those are some great suggestions. I'll make sure the team sees them. Thanks again!

Here is my comment from over 2 years ago .... no update yet and nothing changed....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!