Zedi Access - Hierarchy Device Status Filter

We 've made enhancements to the Zedi Access Hierarchy!

This new feature grants users a quick and efficient way to filter all of their locations on Zedi Access that have the same device status ie. Online, Offline, or Hibernating.

The easily accessible filter refines your Zedi Access Well Tree Hierarchy by the status of the devices which are attached to each specific location.  When a specific status is selected, only the locations with the specific device status will remain within the Hierarchy. While all of the other locations will be removed from view until a new status is selected from the filter.

The new filter is found within the Well Tree Hierarchy as per below:

To initiate the filter. Click on the pull down menu and select one of the following options:

All: All locations are shown within the hierarchy.
Online: Only Online locations are shown within the hierarchy.
Offline: Only Offline locations and No device attached location are shown within the hierarchy.
Hibernating: Only Hibernating locations are shown within the hierarchy.

Should you require further information please contact our Customer Care team at 1-866-732-6967 or support@zedisolutions.com

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